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Machinery selection, expert advice.
More than 3,000 + plastic producers With Shubham Worldwide

high quality blown film machines

The strong integration with polymer suppliers and processors allows the choice of most suitable line for the customer's requirement. Various components and assemblies are designed using various computer simulations ensuring quality of the component with stage wise inspection of the components and assemblies using precision inspection tools.

lower power consumption

With our in house design, Technology and energy saving motors, drives, customer can produce more kg/hr using less energy

major strength

State of the aft manufacturing facility,high production capacity in mean of manpower, shop floor space, inventory etc.at present following machines is under assembly.,in-house manufacturing facility..own design facility to conduct r&d activity.skilled technical staff in all core area


No.1 Manufacturer in India







25 years of experience

In 2 Decades ,With The Consistence Efforts And Hard Work, The Company Stands Tall And Strong As A Trusted Pioneer Brand Name In A Global Market Noted For It’s Consistence Quality And Innovating Range Of Products

a global leader with 3,000 machines installed

More than 3,000 machines have been installed since 1997. Proven success in in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East & Latin America

SHUBHAM enjoy 3,000+ satisfactory installation world wide and this number is keep increasing.

satisfied customers in 60 countries

Our Technical Advisory and years of experience offers complete blown film solution at one roof.

100% focus

Our 100% focused approch sought expertise and excellence in blown film industry that help customer grow faster

Complete product range

Multi layer 5 & 7, POD line, IBC, ABC, ABA, PPTQ and twin die head blown film extrusion

Our current EVOLUTION machine generation stands for high efficiency, quality and ease of operation. You can produce Single to Seven layer blown films with the highest quality & Production capacity for everything from basic packaging applications to highly complex barrier films and agricultural films. Our modular lines can process all customary raw materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, EVOH, etc.

We serve to Flexible Packaging ,Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical Industry Liquid packaging Lamination Industry, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Stationery & Printing, General Purpose, etc.

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Installation and after-sale services

SHUBHAM has technical service teams in major markets with in-stock spare parts

Blown Film is a easy & simple process

One of the most common methods of film manufacture is Blown Film Extrusion. The process involves extrusion of a plastic through a circular die, followed by "bubble-like" expansion. The principal advantages of manufacturing film by this process include the ability to:

  • Produce tubing (both flat and gussetted) in a single operation

  • Regulation of film width and thichness by control of the volume of air in the bubble, the output of the extruder and the speed of the haul-off

  • Eliminate end effects such as edge bead trim and non-uniform temperature that can result from flat die film extrusion

  • Capability of biaxial orientation (allowing uniformity of mechanical properties)

  • Blown Film Extrusion can be used for the manufacture of co-extruded, multi-layer films for high barrier applications such as food packaging.

What makes us different

At Shubham Extrusion, we pride ourselves on providing responsive service, delivering innovative solutions, and exceeding expectations — just as we have for more than 25 years. We’re here to provide the full of quality blown film extrusion machinery you want — whenever and however you need them.

Machinery selection, expert advice

If you’re thinking to start new project, our plastics professionals will be happy to talk with you about your needs and suggest the best options for your application. Our highly knowledgeable people use their expertise to help customers overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

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